Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Few Updates...

Students took their first unit math test.  These were graded and sent home on Friday.  You do not need to return the test, but please sign and return the half sheet of paper which explained my grading method.

Your child will come home with his/her unit 2 spelling list and sort Monday, October 1.  I will also upload the sorts this time to the "Word Study" tab.  This will be done by tomorrow evening.  The test for unit 2 words will be Friday, October 12.

I have uploaded the October lunch menu and the "Unit 2 Family Letter" for math.  Click on the "Math" tab to read the letter.

Don't forget to sign up for a conference!  My conferences will be held about a month earlier than the rest of Wass teachers.  My conference dates are Wednesday, October 17 and Thursday, October 18.  Once you're on Wass Elementary's website, you can click on "Sign Up for Conferences" on the left hand side.  See you soon!

Mrs. Wood

Class Picture?

A typical class picture may have been the better choice since you can only see about 2/3 of the class in this time!  The students loved this part of the playground though and wanted to pose for their picture on it.  After lunch, students enjoyed a short time playing.  I overheard one student say, "this is playground heaven!"  I think they liked it ;-)

Field Trip Fun

Our trip to Stony Creek Metropark was a success!  Our Naturalists, Kim and Mark, were awesome!  Students had fun and learned a lot about insects and nature.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Word

Reader's Workshop
This week we focused on student routines for the three parts of Reader's Workshop--mini-lesson, independent reading, and closing.  Students had an opportunity each day to read quielty.  The class is doing a great job of building their stamina time!  We also discussed how to pick a "just right" book.  We are following the "I PICK" method...
I choose a book.
Purpose--Why do I want to read it?
Interest--Does it interest me?
Comprehend--Do I understand the book?
Know--I know most of the words.

Writer's Workshop
This week we revisited what makes a good small moment story.  I read aloud a few different books that will become our "mentor texts."  The books I read aloud are good examples of small moment stories.  The books will be placed in a "Mentor Text" book basket.  I will add to this basket of books throughout the school year, and students can turn to this basket for ideas during Writer's Workshop.  Together we created an anchor chart, "A Good Small Moment Story..."
*is about one thing
*has a beginning that "grabs you"
*has a closing that doesn't jump away from the story
*has details
*is a true story
*is about something that happened to the writer
*has complete sentences
*has neat handwriting
*has a quick sketch that matches the story

Students also had the opportunity to share their "writing ideas poster" with their turn and talk partner.  Thanks so much for your help at home with this project.  They turned out great!

Math Workshop
This week we focused on number grid puzzles.  These can often be confusing for children.  Remind your child to count by ones when you move left to right on a number grid and count by tens when you move up and down on a number grid.  We also made equivalent names for numbers using the "broken calculator" routine.  Check your child's homework folder for his/her completed math journal pages.  I plan to work on a Math Workshop volunteer schedule this weekend.  If you signed up to volunteer, I will contact you soon.

Science & Social Studies
Students continue to care for the mealworms.  Some are still in the larva stage, and some are in the pupa stage.  Students learned about the complete life cycle of the mealworm this week--egg, larva, pupa, adult.  We also labeled the parts of an insect and learned some interesting facts about the darkling beetle.

In social studies, students worked together to build a community.  Each student picked something to build for our community.  We have houses, a pet store, market, church, car dealership, Toys r Us, Target, a school, movie theatre, Lifetime, shopping mall, Wal-Mart, hospital, city hall, fire department, office buildings, science museum, and police station.  The students were very creative!  Check out the pictures below.

Don't Forget

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Word

Reader's Workshop
After sharing our favorite books, we learned that some of the students in the class have similar interests.  We also shared our favorite reading memory.  I reviewed the workshop model with students (mini-lesson, IDR, and closing) and we discussed what good readers do during Reader's Workshop.  Any time students finish something early, they are anxious to read a book from our classroom library.  I love to see so many readers interested in a variety of genres!

Workshop has not officially started yet, but it will next week.  We have briefly reviewed addition, subtraction, telling time, and counting money.  Students also took their first timed test.  Our goal is to complete 100 addition problems in 5 minutes and 100 subtraction problems in 6 minutes.  Knowing his/her math facts will help your child with many concepts of second grade math.  Math Magician is a great website to use to practice math facts.  Look for its link on the right hand side of the blog listed under "Our Favorite Sites."

Science & Social Studies
Several of the mealworms in class have entered the second stage of life--pupa.  Students learned insects need air, food, water, and shelter.  They also learned to handle live insects with care.
We began our first social studies chapter--Our Community.  Students will learn more about places in the community where people live, work, play, and solve problems.

The second grade team is selling bagels the next three Wednesdays.  Thank you, Mrs. Potts, for being a last minute volunteer for us last week!  Please let me know if you are able to help with bagel sales before school September 19, September 26, or October 3.  We appreciate your help!!!

Volunteer Spot is not quite ready for you to sign up for a conference.  Conferences will be October 17 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. and October 18 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and 5:30-8:30 p.m.  As soon as the schedule is set up on Volunteer Spot's website, I will send you an email to let you know.  Thank you for your patience.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Room 8 Update

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather over the weekend! Soon the updates I post will be on a regular schedule...most likely Fridays. For now, however, I have news to share more often.

We started our first unit of math last week. I tear out the journal pages so you will see these come home. Today your child is bringing home his/her first journal page. I like to send them home so that you know what we're learning in class and what your child may be struggling with.

We started Reader's Workshop today. There is a homework assignment in your child's red folder. I explained to the students that I do not want them to worry about running to the library or book store tonight. If you have a copy of his/her favorite book at home that he/she can bring in tomorrow, that's great. If not, that's ok...just complete the assignment as best as you can. I appreciate your help at home!

Today the class also met my long term sub, Katie Eckardt. She is looking forward to filling in for me and has been a huge help getting our classroom ready. She stopped by today to introduce herself and will be here Thursday while I am at a district inservice. I told the students I would so much rather be in the classroom with them than sitting in a meeting, but it makes me feel better to know I am leaving the students in good hands for the day!

I look forward to seeing each of you this coming Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. I will share a lot of important information!

Mrs. Wood

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome back!

Welcome back to school! The students are off to a fantastic start to the new school year! Today we discussed class and school rules we will follow. Students also earned their first baseball on our "Catching Compliments" poster. They worked really hard and were good listeners!

Thank you so much for all of the supplies you've donated! Thanks also for returning your office paperwork so quickly. I am impressed! I will continue to collect paperwork this week. If I don't have something from you soon, I'll just send you a reminder of any missing paperwork.

Tonight you and your child have your first homework assignment. Since it is mostly on you to do, it will be ok if it's late. :) I know how hectic evenings can be. So if you don't get to it tonight, just return it as soon as it is complete. Thanks so much!
I will update an "after picture" of the classroom later tonight.

Take care,
Mrs. Wood